Cheryl Jones Latimer
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Nov, A “76 Stewart Espizeto LA
Forum graduate also
2 children did Young Persons Training 77
Participant of Bucky fuller Event/Karmapa Event/Making Relationship work Event & seminars years.
Creating Movement, The Power of Movement to Rise Above circumstance & into The Possibility of Miracles.. Literally Miracles, a Miraculous Movement in which to live one’s live out of with a positive way of Being in the Presence of Living Beyond what anyone thinks is possible and making Miracles including Healing a part of everyday Life to not only Believe from also to come from this place within & above, as a Light of Truth & Intelligence which reaches into a Movement of Being….that becomes Natural…that is the Miracle of Est….you get to become who you are…Stepping into possibility of dreams & Vision makes your reality shift to taking the Courage to be a stand for the deepest things you really believe in & climbing the Mountain while walking is an brook refreshed & alive.

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