I saw this post on facebook and thought I’d share it here.  I agree with Richard.  Werner Erhard should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize!

“I believe Werner Erhard deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.
This man created programs that transformed, and continues to transform, the lives of a few million people by bringing a new level of peacefulness into their thinking process.
I personally have experienced a wonderful relationship that has lasted and grown over twenty-seven years, and his programs have allowed me to create a peacefulness in my life that would not have otherwise been possible. My experience of peace is experienced here at home within my head and not necessarily limited to the outside realm of diplomacy, politics, and nations.
I believe that a new conversation for peace will be created if Werner receives the Nobel Peace Prize. Your acknowledgement would shine a light on his work and provide him a place to stand to move the conversation forward. A step toward possible peace on the planet.
Werner’s accomplishments working toward peace through projects, trainings, and conferences throughout the world are well documented.
I am a stand that peace is possible. We need to change the conversation. The existing conversation isn’t working.
Please acknowledge Werner with the Nobel Peace Prize this year. None of us are going to live forever.
Richard Gaule

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