Sally Freshing

I am so happy to find this website! It seems like every day I use what I got in the est training so long ago. I’m 58 and I recently decided to take up playing the violin. I tried when I was in my 20’s but I stopped because it seemed too hard and I didn’t have time – I had lots of reasons why. But then last year I thought of it again – at first my thoughts were “you’re too old, your fingers aren’t flexible enough, it will take years to just get a good sound, on and on and on. However, having done the training, I no longer listen to my thoughts other than to say ‘thank you for sharing!!’ So, I found my violin in my closet, found a teacher, and I’ve now been playing for a year and I sound pretty bad! But I am always getting better and most importantly, I’m doing it for me. Thank you est training and thank you Werner! I love you.

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