What is a reunion of est without sharing?

Welcome to a reunion of ideas. Reminisce with others about a unique time in our culture and about the est Training that continues to impact our lives everyday. Studies of transformational programs that began with est show that 7 out of 10 people found the programs to be one of their life's most rewarding experiences. This blog is evidence of the enduring difference the program has made in people’s lives. This is a gathering place for you to share what the est training provided for you, your career, your family, friends, and communities, then and now.

What did you create out of the est Training?

I see that Mr. Erhard has been published in the Capitalism and Society Journal.  It is an interesting read.  I particularly like this quote from their abstract, “Integrity as we define it (or the lack thereof) on the part of individuals or organizations, has enormous economic implications for value, productivity, and quality of life. Indeed, integrity is a factor of production as important as labor, capital, and technology. Without a clear, concise, and most importantly, an actionable definition of integrity, economics, finance and management are far less powerful than they can be.”

I was delighted to see that Gonneke Spits got a mention in this article too! I always appreciated the work she did in the est organization.

I first met Werner and Gonneke back in the book sales days, then participated in the training and graduate activities.
I’m delighted that they are now free to be among those of us who cherish them.
I never worshipped Werner–I didn’t even always like him, for what that’s worth–and I can most certainly be described as one of those who did not “Get it,” via the training.
That’s why I showed up for volunteering: hoping to maybe finally GET IT, okay?
To make a long story short, decades later I live where and how I want to–and I carry them both in my heart.

Nancy Woodward

Just read a great article in the New York Times about the work Werner is doing now, more than 40 years after inventing the est Training.

Nella Reed Abbott
I graduated from the 2nd est training in San Francisco (I believe it was 1971.) It was at the Jack Tarr Hotel.
Langdon Carter was my trainer and Ron Bynum was in the back of the room at guarding the door. We were at the Jack Tarr Hotel.
I had to pee so bad toward the end of the first day that I got up and ran to the back, out the door, and was stopped by Ron.
When I told him that I was willing to forgo the $200 and I WAS GOING TO THE BATHROOM! … he finally relented, but made me promise that I would not do that again for the rest of the training. I did.
I went on with est to be in the first Trainer Training held. I did not continue because I was offered a dream job at the Joe Alioto’s Mayor’s Criminal Justice Council under Bill Mallen.
Today, in my office, I have a sign that states – “If you wouldn’t write it and sign it, don’t say it.”
I don’t know if my life would have been as good had I not taken est…but I am glad I did.

barbara annis

I created an amazing life from nothing!
For over 27 years, I have been running a very successful global consulting firm that started a new breakthrough conversation about Gender Intelligence. I have written four very successful books on the topic and having an amazing personal life with husband, kids and grandchildren.
Thank you Werner!

Bob Paulsen

after the training in 1979 in new jersey I had the experience of self realization, it lasted about three days, and to this point, i have not had the experience since. I continue to study life, and would like to be in that place all of the time.

Cheryl Jones Latimer
facebook cheryl Jones Latimer

Nov, A “76 Stewart Espizeto LA
Forum graduate also
2 children did Young Persons Training 77
Participant of Bucky fuller Event/Karmapa Event/Making Relationship work Event & seminars years.
Creating Movement, The Power of Movement to Rise Above circumstance & into The Possibility of Miracles.. Literally Miracles, a Miraculous Movement in which to live one’s live out of with a positive way of Being in the Presence of Living Beyond what anyone thinks is possible and making Miracles including Healing a part of everyday Life to not only Believe from also to come from this place within & above, as a Light of Truth & Intelligence which reaches into a Movement of Being….that becomes Natural…that is the Miracle of Est….you get to become who you are…Stepping into possibility of dreams & Vision makes your reality shift to taking the Courage to be a stand for the deepest things you really believe in & climbing the Mountain while walking is an brook refreshed & alive.

Terry Etter
I took the training in a ballroom of a hotel in Anaheim in 1976. The training changed the rest of my life. So many stories from relationships that work to making a difference with the high school kids I work with. Thank you.

John Brandon

I took est once in Boston, and helped give it one other time, also in Boston. Summary: It changed my life and made me a better person. I’ve had a great career, my son/partner and I recently sold our business, and I am moving out of the country to our place in Antigua next year. est was and is a big part of who I am, and I thank Werner Erhard and the trainers for that.

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